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Kids City Hawaii

What days are you closed?

Kids City Hawaii is closed only on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. However, we may close on some days due to maintenance issues, so please check availability on our website!

Is food or outside drinks allowed in Kids City?

No, outside drinks or food are not allowed in our facility. Only reusuable water bottles such as hydro flask or baby’s milk/formula are permitted. Food must be stored in the lockers and is not allowed in the play area.

What is the age limit?

We charge and consider children from ages 10 months to 13 years old. Unpaid infants must be in a car seat or carrier. Any children 14 and older will be charged as an “adult”.

Do children need to wear socks and mask?

Children must be barefoot or wear grip socks. All guest 2 years and older are reccommended to wear a mask. (State Mandate - Indoor)

Do I need to make a reservation? Can I walk in?

You may walk-in but it is always safer to make a reservation, as it guarantees your time slot! You can make a reservation on our website www.kidscityhawaii.com.

How long is a waiver good for?

Waiver is good for one year from your signing date.

I signed the waiver for myself and my children. Do I need to sign for my partner and their relatives?

Yes, all adults and all children must sign a waiver. Adults will need to use their own email address and an adult may “add dependent” children to their waiver.

How much is adult admission?

Each adult admission is $5

How much are socks?

$3 for children grip socks and adults grip socks.

My 10 month baby is sleeping. Do you charge them?

If the baby is sleeping and being carried, we do not charge the baby. However, if the baby wakes up and we see the baby is playing then we will need to charge you.

My child is 11 years old and is not going to play. Do I get a discount, or do I still have to pay for them?

Yes, all children 13 years and younger will have to pay entrance fee.

I heard that you are checking the temperature. What is the limit?

All customers receive a temperature check prior to entry. If a customer’s temperature is above 100 degrees F, they will not be allowed into the facility.

What is the website of KIDS CITY?


Do I need to pay for the locker?

No, the lockers are complimentary.

Are strollers allowed inside the playground?

No, strollers must be parked in our Stoller Parking Area. If you feel it is unsafe to leave the stroller you can rent or purchase a lock at our store to secure your strollers.

Can I exit and reenter your store?

Yes, you can exit and reenter within your reserved time-slot.

Do you guys have wifi? What are the passwords?

We do have wifi at both of our locations. You may ask for the wifi password when you check-in to either of our locations.

My child was injured (e.g. cuts, bruises, or sprain) while playing. What do I do?

We have instant ice packs and a first aid kits available.

What is KIDS CITY?

Kids City is a premium indoor playground that caters to children 10 months to 13 years of age.

Can I leave my children by themselves at your store?

No, at least one adult needs to be here to always supervise the children. You can view our playground rules for more further information about the rules we have at Kids City Hawaii.

Do I need to wear a mask and socks?

Yes, it is required. It is one of our playground rules we ask guest to follow to ensure a fun and safe place for everybody.

My children have been here, but I have never been here. Do I need to sign the waiver?

Yes, you must sign the waiver. Guest are required to sign a waiver before entering our facility.

I have a medical condition and cannot wear masks. What do I do?

We can certainly offer a complimentary face shield.

I have a medical condition and cannot take off the shoes. What do I do?

We can certainly offer complimentary shoes covers.

Why do adults have to wear socks, but children do not?

Kids City require all adults to wear socks, but please understand for children it may be slippery for them on the hardwood floors. So, we allow children to go barefoot or wear grip socks.

With different tiers opening will you allow more people?

Yes, as different tiers open, we will slowly be allowing more guests, but at a safe and controllable amount. We prioritize cleanliness and safety before capacity.

I want to have a party at Kids City. How do I make a reservation?

You may email party@kidscityhawaii.com with your name, best contact number, and date and time you are interested, and they will get back to you about your party reservation. If you would like to view our prices check out our party prices.

I’ve never been here before. Can I take a tour and look around?

No, we're so sorry we do not offer tours of our facility. You can take a virtual tour of our honolulu location. We have tons of photos and videos on our I nstagram or our website www.kidscityhawaii.com.

Are the waivers the same for Ward and Kapolei?

No, the waivers are not the same. Ward and Kapolei waivers are separate from each other. Ward: Adventure Waiver Kapolei: Kapolei Waiver

Is there areas that adults are not allowed to enter in the facility?

Adults are not allowed to enter the bouncy castles, Jungle Gym (slides), and trampoline. These play areas are only meant to hold children's weight.

What is your email for Kids City Hawaii?

We have two seperate emails for our Ward and Kapolei location! Our Honolulu email is kca@kidscityhawaii.com Our Kapolei email is kck@kidscityhawaii.com If you have any general questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email us!

Do Kids City Hawaii have gift cards for purchase?

Yes, we do have gift cards for purchase! We have physical gift cards and E-gift cards. For a physical gift cards, you must come to our store to purchase the physical gift card. For a E-gift card, you can purchase it online on our website. Click on the location you would like to purchase the gift card for. E-gift card is under the same section where you can also book a reservation with us. Please note that when purchasing a E-gift card it does not expire. So, pick any date to be able to move onto the section where you can purchase the E-gift card. In addition, gift cards are only valid under the location it was purchased from.

Kids City Adventure

What are your hours of operations at Kids City Adventure?

Sunday thru Thursday 10:00 AM to 8:00PM (Except Tuesday we close at 7 PM) Friday thru Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

How much is admission for Kids City Adventure?

You can view the price under admission price.

How much is monthly membership?

You can view the price under membership.

What is the email address of the manager?

The email for our Honolulu manager is honolulumanager@kidscityhawaii.com.

What is the phone number for Kids City Adventure?

1 (808) 888-2700

Where is Kids City Adventure located?

We are located in Ward Center where it was previously the Bed Bath & Beyond. Our address is 1200 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814.

I've already signed a waiver at Kapolei, do I need to sign another one for the Ward location?

Yes, you will have to sign another waiver for the Ward location because the waivers for Kapolei & Ward are separate from each other. Here is the waiver for our ward location.

Where is the bathroom located at Kids City Adventure?

The bathroom is located on the second floor right next to the water play station.

Is there a height requirement to play in certain areas of your facility?

Yes, there is a height requirement for the Ninja Warrior and Trampolines. Children must be at least 3'3'' (40 inches) in order to play in these two areas.

Kids City Kapolei

What are your hours of operation at Kids City Kapolei?

Monday thru Thursday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Friday thru Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM Sunday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

How much is admission for Kids City Kapolei?

You can view the price under admission price.

Do you have monthly membership at Kids City Kapolei?

Currently we do not offer monthly membership for our Kapolei location. We only have monthly membership available for our Honolulu location only. You can view the price under membership.

What is the phone number for Kids City Kapolei?

1 (808) 393-7909

Where is Kids City Kapolei located?

We are locate inside the Ka Makana Ali'i Mall in Kapolei. The store is on the side Macy's is on, across from H&M, and next to My Slime Playroom.

Does Kids City Kapolei have bathrooms?

The restroom is located outside by Studio the Vibe. If it is an emergency, children may use the restroom inside our facility, but must be escorted with a staff member.

I've already signed a waiver at Ward, do I need to sign another one for the Kapolei location?

Yes, you will have to sign another waiver for the Kapolei location because the waivers for Kapolei & Ward are separate from each other. Here is the waiver for our Kapolei location.


How often do you sanitize the ball pool?

We clean the ball pool every day and do the ball cleaning with a machine, 1-2 times a week.

How does a ball pool cleaning machine work?

First, we use a Ball Pool Cleaning Machine to clean the balls. Secondly, we wash them with liquid soap. Lastly, we place the balls in UV light sanitation.

How do you sanitize the whole area? How often?

We are constantly cleaning and sanitizing the playground. We sanitize the entire space every day after closing. We use an electrostatic disinfection gun to sanitize everything in the playground.

What product do you use to sanitize?

We use Force of Nature, Mrs. Meyers, and Cresktek. All are non-chemical, so it is safe for children.

How do you sanitize the toys?

Yes, we sanitize the toys as much as we can. We wipe them down, and put the toys in our UV sterilizers at each station after children are done playing with them.


Do you have a Military / Kama'aina discount?

We do not have Kama'aina discount, but we do offer military discount on Wednesdays only. If you want to learn more about Military Wednesdays you can view our post on Military Wednesdays. You can follow our Instagram to get the latest announcements about Kids City Hawaii.

Do you have discounts for Seniors or Kupuna?

We do have discounts for seniors. This offer can only be redeemed on Tuesdays! If you want to learn more about Senior Tuesdays you can view our post on
Senior Tuesdays. You can follow our Instagram to get the latest announcements about Kids City Hawaii.

What other discounts do you have?

We are currently doing complimentary adult admission for fully vaccinated adults on Thursdays only. If you have to learn more about Vaxxed Thursdays you can view our post on Vaxxed Thursday.

Service Animals

Do you allow service animals?

Yes, we do allow service animals. What is a service animal:

  • Hawaii designates that a service animal is a dog individually trained to perform work tasks to benefit someone with a disability.
  • Alerting persons with hearing impairments to sounds.
  • Pulling wheelchairs or carrying and picking up things for persons with mobility impairments.
  • Assisting persons with mobility impairments with balance.
  • A service animal is NOT a pet!

Do you allow Emotional Support animals?

No, we do not allow emotional support animals.

  • Under the ADA and Hawaii Law, owners of public accommodations are not required to allow emotional support animals. Only service animals.
  • Hawaii's laws specifically state that accommodation requirements exclude comfort and companion animals unless they fall into the required service animals categories

Do current federal laws allow questions to be asked about service animals?

Yes, we can ask two questions.

  • Is this a service animal?
  • What tasks does this service animal provide?

Fake Service Dog?

Starting on January 1st, 2019 in Hawaii, violators will be fined $100 or up to $500 for pretending to have a service animal.

What are signs that a service animal is actually fake?

What is considered a fake service animal:

  • They're being carried or pushed in a cart.
  • They're not on a leash.
  • They're pulling on the leash.
  • They're barking or whining.
  • They're sniffing everything around them.
  • They have indoor accidents.
  • They steal food.
  • They look nervous.
  • They seek attention.
  • They're aggressive.